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How iPad 2 Compare to Kindle Fire?

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We have already compared Kindle Fire vs Nook Color vs Vox vs iPad2 earlier, but today we like to compare Kindle Fire vs. iPad2. First, comparing these two is comparing apples and oranges – Kindle Fire is an e-book reader and media device – it is not a tablet pc. iPad is a tablet pc and runs all the normal applications you expect on a pc – such as word processors and spreadsheets, etc. However, a great many iPad owners spend most of the time using them for watching videos on youtube, chatting, and some do use them for reading e-books too. more…

LCD Vs E-ink? Which is Better?

There is considerable debate about E-ink compared to LCD screens for e-readers, and opinions range from one extreme to the other on the issue.  There are many fake “studies” cited to support the answer a particular e-reader manufacturer wants, and various experts offer their opinions here and there.

But it really comes down to this: It depends.

It depends on many things really – such as do you like to sit on a park bench in bright sun and read?  Or do you like to watch movies in bed at night?  Do you have trouble sleeping, and do you have reading glasses? And – finally – which one do you personally prefer? more…

Will E-Readers Be Great Bargain for Black Friday 2011?

Each year in the USA the Christmas Season shopping begins the day after Thanksgiving holiday – the last Thursday in November. There are always big sales in every major store, and often the bargains are fantastic, only rivaled by the sales right after Christmas as stores try to reduce stock before end-of-year inventory.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is now being called “Black Friday” and the past few years major online retailers such as Amazon have offered new products for the Christmas Season and big discounts more…

Top 10 Kindle Fire Covers and Cases

Amazon has released their Kindle Fire tablet on 15th November 2011.  Amazon and other companies have introduced covers and cases to protect your Kindle Fire ebook reader. If you have ordereded a Kindle Fire, now is the time to buy a cover or case to protect your new Kindle Fire. has researched the 10 best Kindle Fire covers and cases so you don’t need to search the universe. Order or pre-order your favorite color and style of Kindle Fire cover and cases now while stock is available.  To see the prices and more details more…

Kindle Fire vs Nook Color vs Vox vs iPad2 – Who wins the battle?

Just in time for the holidays three new eReaders have hit the market, all competing with the Apple iPad 2.  Should you buy one? And which one is best for you?  But how do they compare?

This article compares the devices and points out key features, or deficiencies, to help you decide.

Let’s first note that the “new” eReaders mostly supplant older versions of those same readers – black and white gives way to color, slow interfaces give way to faster ones, etc. But it should be noted – the Amazon Kindle series is more…

Kindle Accessories

Kindle Leather Cover, Black, Updated Design (Fits Kindle Keyboard)Kindle Leather Cover, Black, Updated Design (Fits Kindle Keyboard)
This Lightweight leather cover offers optimal protection for your Kindle. Contoured, pebble-grain leather keeps your Kindle safe and secure, while the soft, charcoal-gray, microfiber interior protects the screen from scratches.
Skinit Kindle Skin (Fits KindleSkinit Kindle Skin (Fits Kindle)
Durable adhesive stickers that are easy to apply to the front and back of the device, and remove cleanly without leaving any residue. Custom Designed for the Kindle Keyboard
Kindle Fire MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware, GraphiteKindle Fire MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware, Graphite
Designed as thinnest, lightest cover for the Kindle Fire. It snaps easily to your Kindle Fire, and quickly transforms from a protective cover to a fold-behind stand for hands free viewing or display.
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