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How iPad 2 Compare to Kindle Fire?

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We have already compared Kindle Fire vs Nook Color vs Vox vs iPad2 earlier, but today we like to compare Kindle Fire vs. iPad2. First, comparing these two is comparing apples and oranges – Kindle Fire is an e-book reader and media device – it is not a tablet pc. iPad is a tablet pc and runs all the normal applications you expect on a pc – such as word processors and spreadsheets, etc. However, a great many iPad owners spend most of the time using them for watching videos on youtube, chatting, and some do use them for reading e-books too.  So, for the owners who uses a tablet pc primarily as a media device, it makes sense to compare the tablet to the Kindle Fire.

Let’s start with the prices:  Kindle Fire – Only $199 – while iPad 2 costs starts at $499 (it can go much higher). The Kindle Fire accesses Amazon’s huge book library, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon MP3, Amazon Prime, Amazon Appstore, and Amazon Web Service. Amazon also developed a new, faster web browser called Amazon Silk, specifically designed for Kindle Fire. It’s a split browser that lives partially on Kindle Fire and partially in the cloud, taking full advantage of Amazon Web Services’ incredible computational horsepower to accelerate web browsing – something you won’t find in iPad’s Safari browser.

Take a look below at the Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 comparison chart so you can see how Kindle Fire stacks up against iPad 2 (16 GB Wi-Fi model). View a side-by-side comparison of key features:

                            Kindle Fire        Vs.          iPad

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 Tablet – And The Winner Is?

Kindle Fire offers unmatched value as a media device, with all the popular digital content, but at a price that’s at least $300 less.

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