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Kindle Fire vs Nook Color vs Vox vs iPad2 – Who wins the battle?

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Just in time for the holidays three new eReaders have hit the market, all competing with the Apple iPad 2.  Should you buy one? And which one is best for you?  But how do they compare?

This article compares the devices and points out key features, or deficiencies, to help you decide.

Let’s first note that the “new” eReaders mostly supplant older versions of those same readers – black and white gives way to color, slow interfaces give way to faster ones, etc. But it should be noted – the Amazon Kindle series is not simply about newer beating older – it is also about offering different versions at different prices to meet different needs. So, we will compare the new against new, and then also include the other versions and price points for a complete comparison of the market for this Christmas.

The Latest (Released or Almost Released) Readers Comparisons

Right away it becomes obvious that the iPad2 is in a different class – it is more than double the price of the others. And for good reason – it is a complete tablet pc with all the functionality you expect from a pc. It also has microphone and webcam (front and back) so you can skype chat or take photos or work on your document processor or whatever else you may want.  It has a much bigger screen, a faster processor, more memory, and lots more functionality. BUT – $500 is just the cheapest version, and it is not for my mom because it is too complicated.

So, let me leave it there – if you want a tablet pc, buy the iPad2 (iPad3 is coming very soon, so maybe hold off) but if you want an eReader, then maybe just buy the dedicated eReader product.

So let’s compare the three main eReader offerings:

The Nook Color, the Kindle fire, and the Vox are all very similar – they are roughly the same size and weight, and do roughly the same things. You can read books, watch movies, listen to music, on a nice 7-inch screen that is easier to read than a pc screen, and you can do email and websurf.  The Kindlefire accesses Amazon’s huge book library, and the Nook Color accesses the Barnes and Noble huge book library.  The all use wifi – not 3G like phones – so you need to be near a hotspot or have wireless wifi in your home.

So, is the only difference the price? Not quite…

The Kindle Fire accesses the massive Amazon movie and tv show content database.  This might be a key difference for some.

Both the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color are very easy to use – not complicated like PCs.

The Kobo Vox

The Kobo Vox is very similar to the Nook Color and the Kindlefire – based on Android operating system, reasonable processor, same screen size and resolution, touch screen, color, wifi. It does add a jack for ear phones, a USB connection (exact purpose not stated), and a micro-SD slot (which the Nook Color also has). It is not so clear what library of e-books or movies or other content is specially connected, but it integrates Facebook Ticker and Timeline to search for content. It looks nice and it uses the complete Android 2.3 Gingerbread O/S – this means you can add different kinds of applications to make it more like a tablet pc…

Kobo also offers the Kobo Touch, which is about the same as the Kindle Touch (read below) and sells for $129.

The Kindle Series

I promised that we would show the full Kindle series because it really does make sense – you can choose how much you want to spend and what features are most important for your money.

** Note that Amazon does not charge monthly fees for the 3G – it is free for life and international (over100 countries). 3G allows you to be more free – anywhere there is cellular service you can download content.

KindleFire vs Nook Color, technical comparison

The Kindle Fire processor is faster than the Nook Color processor, while the Nook Color offers expandable storage with its microSD memory card slot. However, the Kindle Fire uses cloud storage on its humongous servers so the Fire is not really limited to 8GB.

You can find out more about the Kindle Fire, Nook Color, Vox, and iPad2 by Clicking Here


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