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LCD Vs E-ink? Which is Better?

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There is considerable debate about E-ink compared to LCD screens for e-readers, and opinions range from one extreme to the other on the issue.  There are many fake “studies” cited to support the answer a particular e-reader manufacturer wants, and various experts offer their opinions here and there.

But it really comes down to this: It depends.

It depends on many things really – such as do you like to sit on a park bench in bright sun and read?  Or do you like to watch movies in bed at night?  Do you have trouble sleeping, and do you have reading glasses? And – finally – which one do you personally prefer?

Here are the facts:

Neither one hurts your eyes organically (there is no “radiation” problem from LCD displays), and neither one reduces “eye-strain” except in personal preferences.

But –

  • LCD’s typically have less resolution and can appear less sharp, and this bothers some people. For many of us, putting on reading glasses solves the issue.
  • LCDs also use a LOT more power, so battery life is far less than with e-ink displays.

So, for pure reading, especially in bright light, e-ink displays are perhaps better.
But e-readers are used for more than just reading in daylight – they are now used for movies, and for reading in low-light conditions – and for movies, a sharp bright color display is dramatically better.

So, choose based upon what you really expect to do with your e-reader, and ignore all the pundits who claim that one is far superior to the other or that one ‘hurts your eyes’.

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