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Will E-Readers Be Great Bargain for Black Friday 2011?

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Each year in the USA the Christmas Season shopping begins the day after Thanksgiving holiday – the last Thursday in November. There are always big sales in every major store, and often the bargains are fantastic, only rivaled by the sales right after Christmas as stores try to reduce stock before end-of-year inventory.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is now being called “Black Friday” and the past few years major online retailers such as Amazon have offered new products for the Christmas Season and big discounts on older product lines.

So will there be good deals on Kindle or Nook this year? We are betting “yes” – and the rumor mill is busy churning out stories of what will be offered.

Amazon and Barnes & Nobleboth have announced new product offerings in their e-book reader lines – the Kindle Fire for Amazon and the Nook Color for Barnes & Noble.

As these were just recently announced, and the prices are already very low for the new technology offered, we believe that the older models of Kindle and Nook will get steep discounts around Black Friday 2011.

For those looking for the best pure book-reading experience, the Kindle Touch and the Nook Touch will both be really good deals if the prices are dropped to make room for the newer color models.

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